The Seminar

An Inspectors' Club my dad is part of is hosting a seminar regarding recent changes to the National Electric Code. Somehow, the collective Hearn Family has been requisitioned to do a lot of the planning and hosting. Actually, take that back-- all of the planning and hosting. Mom has been steadily working for the last number of days to get parking passes organized, doorprizes arranged, signs made, flyers ready, and handouts printed. And today we're going Shopping. I capitalize the word "shopping" because it isn't just a normal shopping trip; it's much more far-reaching. We'll first go to Costco, where we'll probably decimate their supply of breakfast foods (we'll be providing breakfast for the seminar attendees), then we'll go hopping around to every open grocery store within 50 miles to buy out their entire stock of cantelope and honeydew melon. Our next priority will be to figure out how to actually operate the huge commercial coffee brewer we have acquired for the occasion. Since none of us are particularly enchanted with coffee we're trying to come up with creative ways to test the final product for strength. (We'll keep our fingers crossed on that one.)
Tomorrow the seminar will start; we'll be there at 6:30 to help set up. Thursday morning and Saturday morning we'll also be there at 6:30 to do the same process over again.
We'd appreciate your prayers.
Pray for--
People to come. Lots of people. Pray for it to be such an overwhelmingly smashing success that we get nationwide media coverage from CNN.
Pray for people to appreciate the content. Pray that they'll all be so impressed that they'll be staring with wide eyes at the instructor and surruptitiously pulling out their camera phones to take snippets of footage to upload to YouTube.
Pray that the organization will all go well. Pray that we'll have enough parking attendants (i.e. more than one), that we'll get everyone registered without any rioting or mayhem, that we'll have books for everyone and everyone for a book.
Pray that the food will be edible. (That point is rather self-explanatory.)
Thanks, all. It should be a grand adventure.