Random Quotes from the Weekend

Random Quotes from the Weekend:

Grandma: Who would want to be gang-banged to death?

Mrs. Yovonovich: Everyone gives off the equivalent of a 100-watt lightbulb, and some people moreso.
Mrs. Murray: In my case, moreso.

Andrew: If you believe, you can have a drink of water.
Jay: That's some biblical bribery for you.

Mr. Chandler: I don't know what kind of fish Jesus created.
Mr. Yovonovich: Sushi.

MaryAnn: He made the wine into water.
(Someone): Wine into water?
MaryAnn: Oh, did I say that? Well, anyway, I guess that would cure alcoholism.

Emily: It said his back would be hunched, but it really isn't.
Jay: Well, his belly is hunched. That should count for something.

Jay: It would take a very sick and dying man to let that guy marry his daughter.

Jay: Pollyanna....is that a pig? Oh, wait, that was Babe.

Jay: How is this magnetic?
Me: Well, it says it is, but it really isn't.
Jay: You've got to be kidding.
Me: Well, it's just not magnetic in the usual way.
Jay: Magnetic as in, when you see it, you love it, or what?