Messy Rooms and Empty Drawers

This morning I decided to undertake quite an ambitious project----namely, cleaning out my fourth dresser drawer. Now, this dresser drawer is unlike any other dresser drawer that I have. The other drawers are kept for keeping--surprise, surprise---clothing in. Well, maybe that wasn't such of a surprise. Regardless, that fourth drawer may look like a normal clothes drawer, but, no, siree. It is a catch-all drawer. It keeps every little trinket and item I don't want to deal with until "later", and end up forgetting for months on end. I have new motivation to clean it out, since I came back from Texas with more clothes than I left with, and now all of my items won't fit into the current drawers that I have. The Fourth Drawer needs to be commandeered for the cause, and in order for that to happen, it has to be clean.
If this were a movie, right now the scary, tense string orchestra would enter. Cleaning out this drawer has been like venturing unarmed into a tribe of headhunters-----audacious, to say the very least. If not downright terrifying!
I'm finding all sorts of things that have been buried in the depths of the drawer since my pre-teens. I've found multiple non-working watches, letters written to people and never sent out, letters from people to me when I really don't even remember the people, data CD's from years ago storing writing projects I haven't touched in ages, and, of course, the most flagrant of all the unnecessary collections in that drawer-------pens and pencils.
I started to try to hold them in my hand, but figured out quickly that such an attempt was futile. So I started putting them all onto my window sill. How many pens and pencils is it possible to fit into one little dresser drawer? After today, I know that the answer is at least 124, since there were that many in my drawer.
I've gathered an entire trash bag full to capacity of items to be tossed, and the drawer is almost completely clean.

The new problem that has presented itself is that, while I have an empty drawer, I have a very messy room with relics of the past sprawled out all over it and ink pens scattered around the room; I'm sure that if I strung the items end-to-end I'd have enough for a roundtrip to Mars.

If I can get motivated enough to deal with the sheer volume of the drawer's contents, I should have a place for everything and everything in its place by nightfall. Until then, I have an empty drawer, and a messy room and enough pens and pencils to give one to every illiterate child in China.

I know that taking on this project is huge. But, like I said, I'm feeling ambitious.