Sidebar Ads

I think that gmail is the best thing to happen since, well, Google. I primarily love conversation stacking, which is such a time saver and so convenient. But gmail isn't just all efficiency; it also is very amusing at times. Such as every time I click on an email to see an email, accompanied by gmail "sidebar ads". These ads are supposedly based on key words in the emails I use, and are usually highly entertaining. Such as today, when I exchanged a few, "I love you! Have a great day!" emails with Elizabeth McCauley and had the following advertisements presented to me:

"Take this 15 question survey to see what kind of parent you are." ("Hmm, let me see....what kind of parent am I? A mom, or a dad?" I could tell you that with a 2-question survey; "Are you a parent?" "Are you a male or a female?")

"Natural Bridge Caverns--Texas' biggest underground family attraction!" (I'm sure there are lots of underground family attractions in Texas, so that must be quite a distinction to be the biggest! :D)

"Are you a celebrity? --It's scary accurate to see what celebrity you are." (Scary accurate?)

"Storm Tornado Shelters --strongest in the industry. Financing." (Did our set of emails sound that desperate that it appeared that one of us was preparing to weather a tornado and might not come out alive on the other end? At least there's financing to help with this problem.)

"Luxury hotels, elegant resorts, and spacious conference centers." (I guess they're saying....if I really love Elizabeth I should probably give her a surprise trip to an "elegant resort" to prove it.)

Ah, you've gotta love gmail.