Short-Order Pianist

For those of you who were praying......

Last night I found out that they didn't have a pianist for church tomorrow and that I had been elected to play. Lovely! (Just kidding.) We decided on a few songs, but I doubted that I'd be comfortable even if they were all songs I knew in my sleep, because I tend to get really nervous when I'm playing in front of crowds ( i.e. three or more people :D). So this morning I showed up and everyone was kind of discussing the music and what would be happening with each song, and what was being played when. The song leader told me to play the song through one time and then he would tell everyone the verse so they could sing along. I started the intro and he told people the number, so they were all turning there while I was just getting ready to start, which obviously wouldn't have gone over very well so I replayed the intro and we all started together. I pretty soon found out that I was glad I was comfortable with the music because he was rather difficult to follow. I was trying to watch his hands as he was setting the tempo, but it turns out that what he was singing and what he was motioning were not the same! :D Thankfully everything seemed to go well except for at the end when he asked everyone to thank me, and they applauded while I walked to my seat and sat down.....and then he said, "Oh, wait! Nicole! We have one more song." So I had to go all the way back up there again..... *grin*......and play that next song. I was so busy trying to follow everyone and make sure that we were playing the right song when that I really didn't have time to be nervous. :)
Thanks for praying!