Note: We Don't Get Out Much

I work in an office without windows. This is never a particularly unpleasant thing.

Except when it rains.

Like it's doing right now.

Well—actually. It's not really "raining"—there are a dozen or so drops within a hundred square-foot area of pavement.

If that.


But anyway. Back to exterior windows and rain.

When it rains, there is a big mass exodus to the Outside, to see and observe the rain.


Like just now.

It started when Nancy announced, "Someone just said something about rain. But I didn't hear where and I didn't hear how much."

Note: Any sentence containing the word "rain" is automatically a relevant sentence here, regardless of any other attributes of the sentence. Period.


The announcement was amended less than five minutes later, when mass audible hysterics reached my desk: it was really raining. Numerous employees spontaneously got up from their desks and headed outside.

Note: It wasn't considered neglecting our work, because there were all manner of supervisors participating.


Rolando was –prepare yourself for this because it's absolutely true—dancing a jig.

Note: Rolando was dancing in the rain and did not get at all wet. This should help you to understand the volume of the rain.


Mike asked, "When did you first see raindrops? How long ago? I have my camera."

Note: Mike did really have his camera.


Jeff said the raindrops in the back of our building were larger than the ones out front.

Note: Jeff was kidding.


Nancy said the raindrops in the front of the building were larger than the ones in the back.

Note: Nancy was not.


After our initial shock and wonder had assuaged, we began a systematic accountability procedure, which included asking every coworker within sight whether or not their windows were down, and whether or not they needed to go out there and roll them up.



It's raining. Well, it was raining—I don't know if it's still raining, because I don't have any exterior windows in my office.

And yes. We don't get out much.


Duly noted.



Nathan LeMaster said...

Hey, I got rained on yesterday... In a car... On the freeway... in downtown LA... A very tiny bit. :)