What's In A Name?

So, my coworker Nancy and I were given a list that says:


Updated 3-25-08




What happened to the "a" at the end of "Hesperia", I don't know. But the list itself is a comprehensive reckoning of all streets within the City of Hesperia. It's twenty-two pages long, and—stop looking at me like that!—I know my blog is boring enough without posting all twenty-two pages. I won't do that.


I did, however, want to point out several streets that really-truly-honest-to-goodnessly exist in our city. Ready?


Askew. You'd constantly hear jokes about being off course.

Avacado. Somebody was hungry when they named that street.

Barnwood Avenue and Barnwood Court. What—one Barnwood wasn't enough?!

Cranesbill. Somebody was tired.

Debris Pile. Apparently somebody liked "Disposal Site" so much that they wanted a twin sister for it!

Disposal Site. No comment.

Drexel. Probably named after the Pennsylvania school?

Escobedo. Our guys pronounce it, "Es-Scoobie-Doo." No history on that nickname was available at the time of publication.

Goat Trail. Okay…?

Kamehameha. Good luck trying to teach your preschoolers to write their address!

Kims Folly. Wonder if that had anything to do with the goat trail or the debris pile!

Landover. Uh, is Landover  a word?

Lonesome Dove. Anybody got a peace pipe while we're at it?

McConnehy. Now, I know some people are fanatical about actors, but isn't that one just a little too obvious?

Michael. Now my dad probably likes that one!

Omelviny and Ojai. In a very practical sense, how should I pronounce those street names if I'm dispatching a street crew to the area?!

Pacesetters. Talk about high expectations for keeping up with the Joneses.

Pegleg. Poor street probably has block parties for "Talk Like A Pirate Day".

Sagamore. That's what you call a trilogy where the last book was never published.

Shanghaptian. Sounds like an Asian action flick.

So Pac. Uh…

Ukiah. Doesn't that sound so….biblical?


Yole. Your turn—what do you think of when you hear the street name, "Yole"?