10 Random Reasons Why Mondays Were a Good Invention

1. I got up this morning and worked out in our new "work-out room" with Charity at 5:45. We then went to the airstrip and ran/walked on it (running at first, walking when our energy levels were a little lower. :-D)
2. I found out at 10:30 that we had 160 people coming to lunch. From a youth group. That I wasn't expecting. It was very exciting there for a little while as we were having to make plans for what we were actually going to feed all of them, et cetera. I love those unpredictable days where you feel like nothing is going the way you expected it to and yet is somehow all working out. It was great.
3. I had a very enjoyable phone conversation.
4. Cap. Smith told me today that, "without reflecting on anyone else who has been in the department, I think you are the best thing to happen to Hospitality in the years since I have come to ALERT and I am going to be very disappointed to see you go." He went on with numerous other things and, coming from Captain Smith, it was a very high praise indeed. I was speechless there for a little while.
5. I IM'd with Jay for a few minutes; something that I haven't done for much too long. With his very blunt style of using insulting language to actually be complimentary, he is so much fun to IM with, and I'd forgotten how much I missed it.
6. I'd gotten into a little "discussion" with someone regarding some work that I had referred to another department and which someone higher up thought actually belonged to me, and though I knew it didn't, I didn't know how to address it and was therefore going to just do the work and not worry about it. But today Stacey had the courage to confront me on it, saying that it wasn't just a project that was for me, but for future Hospitality people and that I should really address the issue and not let it dissolve into oblivion. It gave me the dose of boldness necessary to go to the person and explain the full situation, which I hope to do a little later on this week.
7. Lisa Richardson went to the library and brought back not just one, but two books for me. Yay!
8. I read Psalm 90, which was absolutely refreshing.
9. Today began the one-week countdown until I see my family!
10. Because God is really, really good.
Mondays are such a great invention. Aren't they?