(Thankfully) Altered Plans

We were going to go swimming with Katie Farr last night down at the lake, but the amazing Texas weather prevented that in its entirety. Therefore, at dinner, we started scheming about some alternative that we could do. We thought of inviting Katie over to our house....but then it was decided that we would go to her house. I've never gone there for an evening before, just for a short visit, so I was excited. I recruited almost everyone in my house to go along and we went to their house where Maj. and Mrs. Farr were sitting out on the porch swing enjoying the actually breezy, drizzly weather and having a "date". It was so much fun to be at an actual family's house while they were living their everyday lives....I guess it really made me miss my family, and especially my mom and dad having porch "dates".
Then the fun began. We did all sorts of random things like the Grand Tour of the house for the three members of our party who had never been in it before, a video of the Nutcracker from when Katie had been in ballet years ago, baking cookies and talking, and watching a movie. It was the most interesting time of watching the movie, because we had very different personalities and our comments were therefore similarly diverse. And no, we were not sparing with our comments. Eventually Maj. and Mrs. came in and watched for a little while, then Maj. Farr when off to somewhere and Mrs. Farr stayed through the rest of the movie. They had made everything so nice with cookies and popcorn and iced-tea; it was very welcoming. Afterwards, we sat around and talked for a long time, and finally we all got up to get ready to leave and we were all standing in a circle continuing one conversation after another and finally Danae said, "You know what; let's just sit down again." So we all sat in a circle on the floor and kept talking for a long time.
Our conversations were, as it always is with girls I guess, all over the board. We somehow went from engagements to parents to authority to dancing to college to scholarships to crying to emotions in general to graduations to crying at graduations to brothers and back to engagements all in a matter of time.
It was such an enjoyable evening.
Thanks, Farrs.