ALERT Mornings

This morning has been one of those typical ALERT days (read: unpredictable).
I had been informed that I was to run the mailroom today, so I was getting ready to leave a little later than usual (because mailroom opens at 8:30, not 8) when I found out that some of my girls had stayed behind because they wanted to ride to work with me....and they had to be at work at 8.
Therefore, the next ten or so minutes were very hectic as I was trying to get everything ready to go. About halfway to the Field House I realized that I wasn't wearing my glasses....I'm already dangerous enough in a car with them, so I was trying to make sure that I drove cautiously without them. I dropped the girls off, went back and grabbed them, and several other things I'd accidentally left undone at the house, and went to the Mailroom where the next problem presented itself: I didn't have the mailroom keys. I have a C, so I could get into the inner sanctum, but I couldn't open the cashdrawer or get the outgoing mail from the boxes....oops.
This morning was Staff Dorm Cleaning so none of the staff were in their offices to call them and ask if they knew where the keys were.
About this time I was trying to change the date stamp on the meter machine and it almost turned out catastrophically. Things began to look up when Mrs. Pendergast showed up with the keys and the announcement that I was supposed to train her in the mailroom so that she could run it today.
So I, seasoned mailroom assistant that I am (as in, two days of working in the mailroom ever), tried to impart what little I knew and ended up having to run back and forth between my office and the mailroom before things got squared away.
My office phone rang right around that time and it was Col. Moulton, asking me if the Higher Ups had informed me about a meeting that I had to provide refreshments for....this morning. I had heard of no such meeting, so I was thenceforth busy running around trying to collect food and drinks and transfer them to Cadet hall.
I can only imagine what the rest of the afternoon will be like! :)