Lies, Reviews and Altered Plans

Remember when I said that we were leaving for Sacramento this morning?
I lied.

Turns out that we might be leaving tonight. Apparently we have some things to finish up before we go. Dad has a review to write for one of his employees; he has been experimenting with some winning lines from his repertoire of employee review jokes;

This employee is not so much of a "has-been" as a definite "won't-be".
His men would follow him anywhere....but only out of curiosity.
Since my last review, this employee has reached rock bottom...and has started to dig.

Just kidding; he actually is managing to write very good reviews for the employees; I would definitely want him to do an employee review for me if I ever had to have a review done!

Anyway, before we leave we also have to actually finish packing. Shocker, I know, but somehow I don't think it has "hit" any of us that we're actually leaving, with the notable exception of my sister Emily, who has been packed up and ready to go for a long time. I think that I'm packed up, but of course that is always subject to change.

If we get out of here by the time Sacramento starts we'll be doing well! :-)

Random Quote:
Emily: We know that Whitney is going to turn out just like Nic; we thought it before, but it was proved when her very first smile was at Jay.