A Typical Night

I used to think every night at home was different, but that was before I went to ALERT and found out just how atypical nights could actually be. Basically there were no two nights the same at ALERT; and not just with minor variations, but with major ones. And now I'm home, and I have such an appreciation for regular nights. Even nights right before vacation and Conference, like tonight is, are actually typical.

Right now we have all of the doors in the house open, and most of the windows. It's a cool night with breeze....just perfect. The little kids are hither, thither and yon doing all sorts of activities. The sun is just setting. I had a very enjoyable phone conversation a few minutes ago. Jay got off of the roof after working all day and looked like he had just come on a ship from Africa; he had black tar remnants all over him. We sat at dinner and ate a meal together and shared about our respective days, and now we're packing up and getting ready to leave for Sacramento tomorrow.

I love my life!

I'll end with a funny quote from my last week at ALERT.

Danae (riding shotgun while I was driving): Nicole, watch out; please don't hit that pavilion.
(Pause) Um, wait. I meant, pedestrian.

Speaking of funny quotes, I shipped my quote book home and I've been going through withdrawals because I beat my box home. And now I won't get it before we get back, so I'll have to keep trying to remember the funny quotes from vacationing with my family, which are sure to be numerous.

Pray for our safety; tomorrow we go to Yosemite (I think) and then onto Sacramento the next day. I lose track of what we're doing; it's been so long since I've been home that they've made all of the plans without me. Oh, well; I don't mind. This year, this time, I'm just along for the ride.

I'll try to update when I get back!