Wives, Waiting and Big Trucks

Remember this? It gets more relevant with time; I'm thankful for the lessons God uses Daniel to teach me.     
 We had to put our foot down on this one.


      It didn't take long to come to the conclusion in this situation; in fact, it presented itself and we completely took care of it all in under five seconds. 

      You see, my three-year-old little brother, Daniel, decided to get married. Just a few minutes ago he made the announcement. He's getting married and then he's getting a big truck (to cart his wife around in, presumably).

      Like I said, we shot down the idea without a second thought. "You're too young to get married," we told him. Apparently, he's also too young to contradict; he went back to his playthings after a quick amendment: "Okay, later."  

      I think that sometimes God wishes we took Him at His word like Daniel does. So often, we don't! We inform God of our plans and He knows better. Just like we know better than to let Daniel go pick a wife and buy her a "big truck", God sees beyond our aspirations and announcements to what is truly best for us. Daniel wouldn't even be happy in a marriage at this age! He needs a few decades to prefect the art of husbandry!… 

      What things are we asking of God that we're not ready to receive? It's not Daniel's fault that he isn't ready. He hasn't done anything wrong. There's no shame in not being ready to get married. He's three years old! That's the problem!  

      We do one of two things when God says no to our plans: we get bitter at him for telling us to wait 20 years, or we assume that something is wrong, that we're outside of His will, yada, yada, yada. Have we ever stopped to consider that perhaps we're not in the wrong, and yet also it's not time? Have we ever paused to heed God's call to "wait"?  

   Next time we inform God of big plans and He says no, let's remember Daniel. Let's remember that God truly does know better. He isn't denying us a good thing. He merely wants to wait until we're ready. So let's put aside our thoughts of marriage and big trucks, go back to playing, and rest in the judgment of Him who "doeth all things well" (Mark 7:37).